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Spring 2009

Mayor Uwe Sinn develops the idea of an international house for Pappenheim

May 2009 to June 2012

Helmut M. Selzer elaborates the basic concept of a European house, with several adaptations driven by political and financial restrictions (participation of citizens from Spring 2010 on)

Jan 2012

foundation of EHP initiative council

July 2012

Prof. Dr. Joachim Grzega is appointed Director of the EHP and develops an EHP profile

July 2012

Pappenheim delegation visits Brussels to present the EHP concept (invited by MEP Kerstin Westphal)

19 Sep 2012

MdB Günter Gloser visits the EHP

6/7 Oct 2012

Opening of EHP, visited by a large public and guests from 6 nations; with a ceremony (speakers: Minister Joachim Herrmann and MdEP Kerstin Westphal; emcees: Joachim Grzega und Bea Klüsener) and several educational offers (by Joachim Grzega)

Nov 2012

first seminar

Dec 2012

VIP at the EHP: Prof. Dr. Jean-Pol Martin (inventor of LdL). Book presentation by Joachim Grzega and Bea Klüsener

Feb. 2013

new language teaching concept by Joachim Grzega: Language-Workout Method

Apr. 2013

first international Eurolinguistics conference with contributors from 5 nations

Spring+Summer 2013

VIPs at the EHP: Dr. Ingo Friedrich (former Vice-President of the European Parliament), Prof. Dr. Heiner Flassbeck (former Chief Economist at the UN-Organization UNCTAD), Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher (Member of the Club of Rome, counsellor of national and regional governments), Günter Gloser (former Secretary of State for European Affairs)

Summer 2013

Prof. Dr. Joachim Grzega develops new concept for teaching German as a foreign language

Summer+Autumn 2013

first cooperations: Evangelisches Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum Pappenheim, VHS Donauwörth, VHS Gunzenhausen, Kunst- und Kulturverein Pappenheim

Dec 2013

Mayor Uwe Sinn appoints Dr. Bea Klüsener as EHP Ambassador

Jan 2014

Claudia Sand is appointed as Vice Director of the EHP

Jan 2014

first "tour event", organized with students (topic: 450 years Shakespeare; mentors: Dr. Bea Klüsener, Prof. Dr. Joachim Grzega)

Feb 2014

first experiments language emergency doctor

Summer/Autumn 2014

reports on the "language emergency doctor" concept in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bayerischer Rundfunk (TV)

Jan. - July 2015

8 members of the European Parliament present their work in the EU committees (Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner, Albert Deß, Ismail Ertug, Markus Ferber, Barbara Lochbihler, Ulrike Müller, Maria Noichl, Kerstin Westphal)

Feb 2015

the EUROLINGUA museums opens

Oct 2015

phase of EU co-funding ends (after over 100 open events in Pappenheim, a dozen open events elsewhere and many specially booked events)

Dec 2015

first year that the EHP ends with a financial plus (based on funds, fees and donations)

Jan 2016

Mayor Uwe Sinn and EHP Director Joachim Grzega manage to get almost half a million EUR funds for the next three years

Feb 2016

the town council majority decides to close the EHP as a center for politics, cultures and languages